Interim earnings

Can you be unemployed and still working? Yes, that is possible! - If you have accepted a job, and the income you receive is lower than your unemployment compensation. The income so earned is referred to as interim earnings. The difference between the income earned and insured earnings is made up with a compensatory payment.

What are the advantages?

  • You remain integrated in the labour market, you don’t lose the daily rhythm of work, and no gaps in your CV occur.
  • Experience shows us that it is better and easier to apply if you already have some form of employment.
  • You acquire new references and make new contacts.
  • Additional employment certificates are very helpful when looking for a job in the same way as a well-established network of connections.
  • You improve your income.
  • Even small interim earnings are worthwhile.
  • You use up your available daily allowance less quickly.
  • You acquire new contribution periods unless you are performing an independent interim activity.

You must accept any reasonable interim employment. Even if you obtain interim earnings, you must continue to seek permanent employment.

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