The purpose of the ALV (unemployment insurance) is to ensure your rapid and lasting integration into the labour market

If you have lost your job, the regional jobcentre (RAV), the unemployment fund (ALK) and the logistics for labour market-related measures (LAM) can offer you assistance.

The RAVs offer you personal and individual advice in seeking employment and assistance with placement as well as in clarifying suitable further training measures. Our common aim is your rapid and lasting integration into the labour market.
The ALKs are responsible for clarification of your entitlement and paying out unemployment insurance benefits. There is a choice of unemployment funds. In other words, you can choose between different funds in the canton of Basel-Stadt. The benefits paid by the unemployment funds are uniform and determined by Federal law.
The LAM organizes labour market-related measures to help you to end your unemployment, to facilitate your entry into the labour market or to make sensible use of your unemployment.