What happens in the event of illness, accident or maternity?

Please report any change in your situation to the RAV without delay.

If you are taken ill or have an accident, please inform your personal advisor immediately. If the notification arrives after a week or later, it will mean that daily benefits will have to be deducted. From the fourth day of illness on you will need a doctor’s certificate.

Depending on the situation, payments from the unemployment fund will continue for differing periods of time:

daily benefits in the event of illness

daily benefits in the event of accident

daily benefits in the event of maternity

Daily allowance in the event of accident

In the event of accident the unemployment fund will pay the normal daily benefit during the first 3 calendar days (but only for working days). Afterwards you will receive daily benefits from the accident insurance (SUVA), since insurance with SUVA is obligatory (the premium is 2.63% of the unemployment compensation).

Daily allowances in the event of maternity

In the event of maternity you will receive compensation from the EO (fund for loss of earned income) for 14 weeks (or 98 days) after childbirth. These daily benefits are paid out by the Ausgleichskasse (compensation fund). You can obtain the appropriate forms and information from the person responsible for you at the unemployment fund).

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