Our supervisory function

In addition to providing advisory and supportive measures, under the terms of the unemployment insurance law AVIG/AVIG, the RAV is obliged to ensure that you make a sufficiently great effort to find work, and to apply sanctions if you do not. A sanction will also be applied if you do not comply with the instructions of the competent authorities.
For good reason the unemployment fund is obliged to clarify whether you have lost your job through your own fault. If this is found to be the case, a sanction will likewise be applied.

A sanction means that your entitlement to claim will be suspended for a specific period (1 - 60 days). This means that no daily benefits will be paid out to you during period imposed.

If doubts persist concerning your willingness or your availability or if you have repeatedly violated your obligations, this will be reported to the cantonal office for unemployment insurance. It will invite you to state your position. No daily benefits will be paid out during the clarification process. Nor will you be allowed to take part in a labour market-related measure (retraining, job creation programme). You must, however, continue to fulfil the above obligations (endeavours to find work, consultations).

Your rights:
Of course, you may raise a written objection to any decision within 30 days. Should a sanction be imposed, the procedure to be followed is described under Rights of appeal